Speed Racer

When I went to watch Speed Racer, I was quite content with life and was looking forward to a general good ‘movie-watching’ experience. However by the time this movie ended, I was nearly at my wit’s end, desperately trying to get back my peace of mind!

The Wachowski Brothers have certainly been thinking out of the box while making this movie, but who would have thought that they would think so way out of the box!! Speed Racer is an incoherent, loud, noisy and confusing mass of work that I wish I had avoided.
To be fair to the visual effects team behind the making of this movie, I will not hesitate to say that they have achieved a marvellous feat. The background looks absolutely fantastic, managing to maintain a very consistent appearance throughout the length of the film.
What also appealed to me a little about the film was the final climax scene that involved the exciting race. In spite of my disappointment with the movie, I found myself a little breathless when the final race scene unfolded into exciting sequences.
However I really deplored the performances of the cast in this film. Nobody, yes, absolutely nobody impressed me with substantial acting. It was so unbearable that I almost felt like it was a joke.
Also the film ended up looking like a videogame. Now that’s not how a film is supposed to look, is it,
Before the film started, I was really hoping to be bowled over by superb effects and impressive acting. Alas! I so wish I had stayed back home and read a comic instead!