10 Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Although a girl can find too many boys all wanting online dates, she must also be ready to spend hours learning how to find the one she really likes. Listed here are the DOs and DON’Ts of online dating.

DO post your latest photo and write an honest account of yourself. A man would be very pleased and thankful if the girl simply looks like her online picture.

DON’T assume that the boy’s photo is up-to-date and correct like yours. Don’t be easily deceived to accept a date with a guy whose online picture is not his.

DO gain knowledge of the language of dating profiles.

DON’T be easily taken in by guy’s cunning lines. A girl must be cautious of a stranger’s promises.

DON’T be easily tricked by the personal accounts pasted online.

DON’T decide on who to date based on their online photos.

DO advance the relationship from electronic mail to cell phone calls. In a phone call, you’ll find out if your date’s online traits match reality.

DON’T reveal all your personal information, which could lead someone to find you. It might cause unnecessary trouble if you let people know all about you.

DO take things one at a time. Don’t be hasty and invite him to your place to drop you off, even if he insists.

DON’T behave like a child. Don’t flirt with anyone anymore if you have just dated one of your suitors. On the Internet, a girl might get distracted by too many handsome guys only to loose the guy who’s right for her.

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