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5 Great Android apps for watching cable TV online

With the device wars raging as intensely as ever, Android has firmly established itself as the most popular operating systems for mobile phones and tablets. Today, millions of users across the world have turned their Android devices into full featured streaming powerhouses with instant access to massive libraries of on demand content. Please see below for a quick rundown of some of the most popular options to watch cable TV online on your Android device.


One of the newest entrants on the market, YoutubeTV has quickly established itself as one of the main new challengers to the traditional players in the online cable TV space. For about $40 per month, YoutubeTV gives subscribers access to over 40 prime cable TV channels covering live sports, entertainment, and news. Although lacking original content like some other notable services, the built in unlimited DVR capability makes it a very attractive option. For users of Android in particular, YoutubeTV makes a great choice as the app comes native to the OS.

Google Play TV

Googleplay TV is another offering from our tech overlords Google and presents a solid option for all Android users. Google Play TV gives immediate access to movies and TV shows purchased and rented on Google Play. The app is very stable and well adapted for Android devices, providing on demand content in high definition. Whilst the selection on offer is comparatively more limited to other services, the built in Android device capability makes it a solid option for those locked into the Android ecosystem.

Slingbox SlingPlayer

Although not strictly a standalone streaming service like some of the other apps on the list, Slingbox SlingPlayer allows you to intercept the TV signal from any compatible cable TV box and stream it to connected devices on your home network. The SlingPlayer turns your local network into a home entertainment system and allows you to immediately watch cable TV online on your Android device of choice. This is the perfect solution for those with a cable TV box subscription looking to add networked functionality to their home network.


Much like it’s close cousins Netflix and Amazon Prime, the Hulu Android app gives subscribers access to its massive streaming library on the go. Although not a comprehensive library, the Hulu catalogue focuses on bringing you the latest cable TV shows and movies rather than original content like Netflix or Amazon. The android app is robust and responsive and is easy to get up and running. With a range of monthly subscription options available, there is a Hulu package to suit all budgets.


It scarcely needs to be said that Netflix is one of the best options for streaming on the go regardless of what device you want to use it on. With native apps across a range of mobile operating systems, Netflix offers a seamless playing experience regardless of the device you chose. The Android app is well adapted and incredibly stable, giving users seamless access to Netflix’s massive library of content.