A Flatiron and its Enchanting Effect

Those who fancy straight, shiny hair can now easily attain what they want and tame their curls with a flatiron. The hair iron is becoming more popular, and it is used by women of all ages for varied purposes. Here are some tips on how to begin the straightening process using this tool.

It’s always good to clean and dry the hair before starting to use a flatiron. The dirt and grease left in the hair can be very damaging as it will be cooked by the heat of the flatiron. Dry the hair for 15 minutes using a dryer and comb it carefully to get the curls out. To begin, separate the hair into vertical sections. The top part should be clipped first and divided into sections all the way down to the head. Leave the last section loose. To prevent burning the hair, turn the flatiron on medium or low levels only. If the heat level fails to generate the desired effect, then turn up the heat. Grab a section of the hair and slide the iron slowly, but not for more than five minutes, starting from the roots. Be cautious not to burn the scalp. To avoid giving the hair a crimped look, never stop at any place. Continue the process from one side of the head to the other horizontally. For its best results, and to maintain the look, use a straightening serum or gel.

These tips have proven to be effective ways to straighten hair and keep it shiny and healthy.

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