A themed stag party,

There are many ideas you can use for a stag party and one of the most popular is having a theme. There are many options for a theme and here are a few of the most popular ones.

Superhero theme: Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a bunch of drunken guys wearing codpieces and is always a good laugh. If you do not fancy being Batman, you could always be The Joker.

Gladiator: Another popular choice as dressing up in armour and brandishing swords is always a winner for a guys’ night out.

Pimp: Not your ride, but your stag night. This gives you a chance to wear funky, colourful outfits from the 70s, that all carry their own brand of cool. This is very good if James Brown comes on in the club.

Mexicans: To do this one, you have to have a sombrero, a moustache and a poncho. When in line in the nightclub you have to use the expression “Underlay, underlay” and if you can pretend to speak like you are being dubbed, so much the better.

Star Wars: This is strictly for fans, but a great one if it’s for you. Doing the robot dance dressed as a storm trooper in the nightclub is a classic. Obviously, Lord Vader is reserved for the star of the show.

As you can see, a theme can bring the whole group together and make the stag night one to remember. Just be sure that the costume has a facility to make going to the toilet easy (!)

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