Hairstyle Ideas To Add Style To Straight Hair

Do you want your straight hair to have more body and a pretty style, Do shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels and other beauty hair products not make your hair beautiful enough, Do you want to add volume to it, Keep reading then!

You’ll need soft-hold hairspray, firm-hold hairspray, a blow dryer and hot rollers. Wash and condition your hair first (99-cent Suave Shampoo and Conditioner will serve just fine at this stage of the process), and then blow-dry it. Spray it with a soft-hold hairspray so that it will not stiffen, and then blow-dry it again. Next, roll your hair with hot rollers, and then spray it again with the soft-hold hairspray. Let the hot rollers cool for 10-15 minutes. When removing, tilt your head over and brush the curls. While your hair is flopped over your face, spray it with the firm-hold hairspray and then toss your hair back and spray it lightly. Now you are ready to face the day!

Remember, it’s better to use hot rollers instead of a curling or flat iron if the latter two accessories make your hair limp. If you just want to add body to your hair, roll a larger portion of your hair on the rollers. This will give body to your hair instead of curls. At the back of your hair, spray a little amount of hair spray after you tease it a bit. It will give your hair some great volume, so there’ll be no need to worry about applying mousse, gels, blow drying or whatever. It’s so easy! See for yourself how noticeable your hair can be! Feel pretty and sexy!