Affordable dental implants: What you need to know

Dental Implants were found to exist way back in 600 AD. The remains of a Mayan woman was found with tooth-like shell pieces inserted into her jaw. Luckily, over the years the procedures have advanced to be less gruesome and so much more bearable.

Dental implants basically artificial tooth roots, and have a similar structure to that of screws. When placed into your jaw bone, they bond with your natural bone. Once bonded, it becomes a strong base for supporting one or more artificial teeth, called crowns. Dental implant surgery is one of the most guaranteed and safest procedures in dentistry.

Implants started being made of titanium, when it was discovered to naturally bond with bone. Full mouth implants, as well one or more teeth, can be substituted with implants. Larger spaces need not be replaced by the exact number of implants as the teeth missing. It will depend on the bone density, as well as the quality of bone at each spot of implant.

Treatments can extend from six weeks to six months. If the patient has good bone quality, the treatment time will be decreased. Implants can last as long as natural teeth if well looked after. Once the implants are adjusted correctly, it is your attention to oral hygiene and regular maintenance that influence how long they will last.

Cheap local dental implantsare hard to find, but not impossible. You not only want high-quality materials that will last 10 or 20 years – or even a lifetime – but also for the skill and experience of a dental surgeon who can plan and perform proper treatment. A dentist should provide you with an estimate of the entire procedure after the initial consultation. This quote should include any additional procedures you may have to undergo. You will find that one dentist may offer moreaffordable dental implantscompared to another in the same area. However, don’t get tempted unless you are certain about the quality of work.

You should research things like consultations, preparatory surgeries, materials (implant, abutment and crown), medication, X-rays, scans, anesthesia, dental impressions, aftercare and follow-up visits. These add to the cost of the implants.

Another option is to go to a dental teaching hospitalthat offer these services free while some others will provide treatment at a reduced cost. This is a good and easy way to be able to afford teeth implants.

A dentist’s charges are affected by different factors, which include the costs at which they get their dental equipment and products from the suppliers. In big cities, where the rents and salaries are high, it is but natural to expect more expensive treatment. You could avoid this by going to nearby suburban area to check if any dentists there offer cheaper dental implant prices. It may be an inconvenience to travel, but you will end up saving a lot of money.

Suppliers affect the cost of dental treatment to a large extent. By restricting access to their product only to a certain amount of dentists, the prices of dental implantsgo up for the consumer because of the unpredictable effects of supply and demand. This further creates major competition among dental professionals. It is also believed that dentists themselves re-market expensive implants and then pass on the extra cost onto patients.

Hence, if you need dental implants, make time to educate yourself so that you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the dentist.

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