Aidi – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Aidi is recognized as originating in Morocco, although it is likely to have come from the Sahara. The breed was originally used as a protector for both its owner and property from wild animals. Other names for the Aidi breed are Chien de l’Atlas, Atlas Sheep Dog or Atlas Mountain Hound. This particular breed of dog has excellent scenting capabilities. Hunters are known to pair the Aidi with a fast moving dog such as the Sloughi which can chase down the pray after the Aidi has tracked it.

The weather resistant coat on the Aidi is thick and coarse and is designed to protect it from the arid plains and mountains where the breed originated. The body can reach twenty to twenty five inches (53 to 63 cm) in height and weigh approximately fifty to fifty five pounds (25 kg). The tail is heavy and curved. It has a bear like face with strong jaws, black or brown lips, medium ears that tip forward and drop and dark coloured eyes. The colour of the coat can be black, white, yellowish-brown or light red.

The personality traits of the Aidi are generally energetic and playful, but they do have a protective side. They are agile, attentive, courageous, and always ready for pretty much anything. This specific breed is an excellent protector and watchdog. Because this is a working dog, it will require long walks and plenty of mental stimuli to remain happy.

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The Aidi needs a lot of activity. Through an active lifestyle and a feeling of worth in hunting or protecting capacity, the breed is truly happy. It is a sensitive dog so gentleness is needed. However, the owner must take on a strong Alpha dog role with consistent and firm training.

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