Alicia Keys’ Hairstyles

R&B singer Alicia Keys is not only famous for her musical ability but also for her trendy hairstyles. She tries various kinds of hairstyles every now and then, depending on the occasion she has to attend. Alicia’s hairstyles are copied by fans because they are easy to do and very stylish. She is a role model not only in singing but also in sporting chic hairstyles.

Hairstyles are usually based on facial cuts. Alicia has an elongated face. Her bangs are brushed to the side to give the illusion of a soft shape. She has thick brunette hair that can be arranged into different kinds of hairstyles. One of her famous styles is the soft bun with teased bangs. She also tries layered cuts to create volume and give shape to her hair. Another style is her pulled back hair with smooth finger curls or flat bangs attached to the side. However, braids are her unique distinction because she can create several hairstyles with them. She is often seen with shiny corn rows or a braided top with loose and straight sides. Alicia’s type of hair is beautiful when styled with uneven layers narrowed with bangs. She is also very enticing when she styles her hair with loose end curls. Ringlets in her hair are also popular. Such a style is one of her trademarks, thanks to her naturally curly hair.

Alicia Keys is a natural beauty. Her hairstyle versatility has had an impact on her audience. She is loved not only because of her songs but also because of her fashion sense and hairstyles.