What Are Some Alternative Ideas For Wedding Cakes?

There are many reasons that a couple would decide against serving wedding cake at their reception. If the bride and groom do not like wedding cake or if they simply want an alternative that better represents their personalities, they may decide against it. Here are some alternative wedding cake ideas for those who do not intend to serve traditional wedding cake.

A very modern idea is to serve a cupcake tier instead of wedding cake. With the right design, a cupcake tier can look a lot like a wedding cake. Cupcake tiers are very affordable options, and can help prevent the cake from going to waste. 

Cheesecake is another wedding cake alternative. Many people enjoy the rich, creamy texture. It is possible to purchase a cheesecake that has been designed in a tier. Beautiful decorations and colours can be added to the cake so that the wedding guests will not even know the difference until they taste it.

Croquembouche is an excellent alternative for those who do not want any type of cake served at their wedding. It is a French pastry dessert that can be decorated and will look decadent at any wedding celebration.

Kransekake is a Scandinavian wedding cake alternative that is a bit less visually appealing than the other options mentioned above. The cake consists of different size rings made up to form a pyramid. The inside is hollow, and is sometimes filled with chocolates or a bottle of wine.

These are just a few wedding cake alternatives that can be considered when planning a unique wedding experience.

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