Amsterdam Stag Weekends, More Than You Might Think.

Amsterdam is a logical choice for a stag weekend, but if you think of Amsterdam solely for its coffee bars and red light district, then you may well miss out. The city has much more to offer and it also has some unusual activities that you may well like to try.

There are not many places in the world where you can go indoor snowboarding and where else can you take a sightseeing tour on a bike and be served beer throughout the trip, The red-light district tours are interesting and you can even take a, “How to flirt workshop”, if you are so inclined.

Amsterdam is easy to get to and by plane, taking about an hour from the UK. It is also very easy to get around the city as it has great transport links and is fairly compact.

The range of nightlife is both plentiful and unique and the red-light district is a place you must see once before you die and there are lots of coffee shops around, so why not make use of them,

Perhaps the real beauty of Amsterdam is that you can enjoy the bits you want to, without the rest getting in the way of a great trip. The city is one of those places you must see at least once in a lifetime and is a destination that can make for an amazing stag weekend for more reasons than you may have thought of initially.

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