Ankle Sprain

Running is an exercise that anyone can enjoy. It has helpful benefits, like weight loss, improvement in cardiovascular health, and bone and muscle mass development. It has emotional benefits as well. Nevertheless, one of the common injuries that a runner could get is an ankle sprain.

When ligaments are torn or stretched, a sprain can occur and will definitely affect a runner’s performance. Ligaments are the tissues that connect our bones and maintain their position. When running, much stress and pressure is put on our ankles, and they can be easily sprained. Ankle sprains are very common among runners. It happens when jumping or twisting and the ankle gets pulled out of a normal position. Irregularities or objects on the track are common causes of ankle strain for runners.

Sudden pain, stiffness, bruising, swelling, inability to twist the ankle or difficulty walking are signs of a sprain. A sprain could be mild or severe. An injured runner who suffers from a mild sprain could feel mild pain and swelling. A severe sprain, on the other hand, is extremely painful and will definitely disable an injured runner. Only doctors can diagnose the condition of the injured ankle, and they can also give advice about how to treat it. The best way to treat a sprain is the PRICE approach — Prevent, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Prevent using the injured ankle, take a rest and apply ice for three days to the swelling ligaments to stop the pain. Wrapping the ankle for a few days will help avoid swelling and bruising. To prevent swelling, the injured ankle should be elevated above the heart level for two to three hours.