Anti aging cream for mature skin

In a society where beauty is strongly associated with youth, it’s natural to want to keep on looking young for as long as you can – but in order to do so as the ageing process takes hold, you’ll have to change your beauty regime. This doesn’t just mean adding an anti wrinkle cream. It means taking account of all the different ways in which skin changes over time. If you’ve already experienced some of the changes that come with age – dry, thinning skin, discolouration, roughness, increased pore size, irritability, puffiness or lines and wrinkles themselves – then the cream you use will need to treat rather than just work to prevent these.

One of the most popular anti wrinkle creams on the market is Pro-Collagen Marine Cream from Elemis, which includes extracts of the algae Padina Pavonica, known for its powerful antioxidant qualities and the wonderful way it softens skin. As well as plumping up the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this product leaves it feeling firmer and more resilient. It offers some sunscreen protection – which matters more and more with age – and unlike most cosmetic products it has been through independent clinical trials so you don’t just have to rely on word of mouth about the results it can get.

If you’re ready to do some serious spending to get the look you want, try Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Age cream, which hydrates and plumps the skin to help make wrinkles less obvious straight away, then starts doing some serious repair work. It contains an unusual ingredient, Lindera Strychnifolia root extract, which appears from tests to get similar results to luminotherapy, and to boost the effects of that if it’s used at the same time. The claim is that cells recover a healthy metabolic rhythm Whether that’s true or not, skin certainly starts to feel fuller and firmer after a few weeks of regular use. Apple and white willow leaf extracts provide antioxidants and shea butter provides that luxurious feeling that everybody loves whilst reinforcing the skin’s natural defences.

Kate Somerville’s Wrinkle Warrior has been widely celebrated for its ability to tackle forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and other stubborn lines, and although it’s popular with younger women it actually works very well on mature skin. That’s because its patented hyaluronic acid compound, HA³. can hold an extraordinary amount of water beneath the skin surface, improving texture and providing a health boost at the same time. It also uses glucosamine to support collagen and elastin production, so skin feels more supple over time.

Finally, one product that consistently receives high praise for the way it helps to remove wrinkle problems is L’Intermporel Global Youth Silky Sheer Cream from Givenchy. It’s so light that you’ll barely notice it’s there, but it’s highly efficient in enhancing skin density, elasticity and firmness, as well as locking in moisture. Microscopic capsules release polyphenols slowly over time to optimise ongoing protection against free radicals, so skin is protected from the pollutants that can leave it looking rough, and is calmer, with a gentle glow.