Aquarium Lighting

Since an aquarium is an artificial environment where fish and other aquatic organisms live, it is imperative that such environment be equipped with things that can guarantee a safe and pleasant aquatic existence. In line with this, there are many devices that should be installed in an aquarium; one of them is the aquarium light.

Aquarium lighting is recommended for both reef and freshwater aquaria. This is because such aquarium devices give the fish and other aquatic organisms the feeling of their natural habitat. In addition, it allows aquatic plants and corals to grow in the same manner as they once did in their natural habitat. Water vertebrates and corals need to experience sufficient light as they also undergo photosynthesis just like other plants.

There are many types of lights one can have in his aquarium. Among them are white standard fluorescent lights that are recommended for freshwater tanks. There are also ultraviolet fluorescent tubes, which add brightness to the red and blue colour-spectra in the aquarium. A new innovation in aquarium lighting is the birth of the underwater submersible light. This is recommended for aquaria that are set up in a pond style. The reef aquarium lighting is also a recommended one — it is intended for any aquarium since it gives the needed amount of light for clams, corals and anemones to survive. Aquarium lights can be purchased in different colours and are often made from coloured tubes and halide lights.

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