Are Ceramic Tiles Right For Your New Kitchen?

A ceramic tile is a type of durable material manufactured through heating inorganic and non-metallic substances. The advancements in interior design open doors to the use of ceramic tiles. The variety and market availability of the products give way to its application in house construction and design.

The type of ceramic tile to be used depends upon the preferences of the homeowner. But the most recommended ones are the classic and simply-coloured ceramic tiles owing to their durability. The small sized and mosaic form of tiles look best when they are fashioned in the shape of a diamond.

When using the standard horizontal layout, the positioning of the tiles against the electrical sockets and switches, as well as the logical clean lines as recognisable rhythm, make a great difference. The process creates crisp clean lines that improve the overall performance for kitchen designs.

The basic principle in applying tiles in an entire area is finding the unit size of the tiles and the most effective joint width. This is easier done by applying plastic spacers—which can be bought from DIY shops—that befit the various sizes of grout lines. Another thing to consider is the vertical setting-out of wall surface. The principle for horizontal tiling is applicable if full tiling of the wall is desired. For wall frieze, the uppermost portion needs to be furnished only once. In tiling the floor, find the lowest part and measure the wall one tile height. After tiling, use effective waterproof adhesive and grout for water absorption and mould growth prevention.

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