Aren’t Kids Funny Blog: Funny Animal Poems (Pet Subject)

Poems are a form of literary art that has been existent for many years. Poems are still very popular all over the world. However, trends in writing poems have changed and developed into a more modern form. One kind of poem is funny animal poems, where animals are the main subject.

An example of this is the poem entitled ‘Pet Subject’, written by Patrick Winstanley. According to the poem, Patrick has a cobra doing calculus, anaconda who likes algebra, grass snake that knows geometry, and a python that idolises Pythagoras. He also adds that he saved ten dollars from buying an adding-machine because of his pets.

‘Pet Subject’ is one of the examples of modern poetry. It is a uniquely written poem that has humour and intends to make its readers laugh. This particular piece of poetry is characterised by the combination of puns and anthromorphism that revolves around snakes and mathematics. The poem is a good choice and mixes in symbolism in a funny way. It avoids the typecast humour given to animals and mathematical topics.

Anthromorphism is the application of human characteristics to non-human beings and creatures, natural and supernatural events and phenomena, material objects and conditions, and abstract concepts. The main subjects of anthromorphism usually include plants and animals that reason and converse.

Additionally, a pun is a kind of word-play that intentionally utilises the ambiguity of rhyming words for rhetorical or humorous effect. This type of ambiguity may develop from the deliberate misuse of homographical, homophonical, metaphorical, polysemic and homonymic language.

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