Arguing With Siblings

It is a matter or course for siblings to argue. It is certainly rare for siblings to get along all of the time, especially during teenage years. If you think about it, the disagreements are unavoidable… you are living in such close contact with each other, you have different personalities, you are each developing your own sense of independence and as a result you are bound to argue sometimes. However, if you are arguing with your brothers or sisters the majority of the time you are at home together then you need to try to find a way to resolve this.

Try to think about what is causing the arguments. Are you or your sibling holding a grudge over something that happened in the near or distant past or are you arguing for petty reasons. If one of you is holding a grudge, try speaking about it and try to sort things out before it creates a wedge between you. Maybe you could forgive and forget.

Arguing for petty reasons, however, can be more difficult to deal with. Sometimes siblings argue simply for the sake of arguing. Especially if both of you have become used to picking fights with one another when your are feeling bored, tired, or hungry or when your sibling has borrowed your stuff without asking.

If your sibling will not agree to a truce, you can still try to change the situation. To have an argument you need more than one person, so if you do not argue back it should pass over quickly. If your sibling does not get a response from you, they are also less likely to continue to try to pick fights with you.

If you do get into an argument, try to resolve it quickly to avoid grudges being held. Although it probably does not feel like it, this sibling rivalry is unlikely to last. In fact, many siblings become closer as they move into their adult years.

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