Armant – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Armant is a herd type of dog. It is also known as the Egyptian Sheepdog, Sabe, Ermenti, Hawara Dog and the Chien de Berger Egyptien. The original Armant breed originated in Egypt but the present day Armant was bred in France. The breeds responsible for the present day Armant are Napoleon’s dogs and Briards.

The Armant’s characteristics are easily identifiable. The chest area is muscular and broad, the legs are strong and sturdy but the feet are relatively small. The tail can be docked but if it is not the tail is carried upright in a curl. This breed can reach over twenty-five inches tall.

The fur coat on the Armant tends to be thick and shaggy in appearance and is rough to the touch. The colours can vary but usually include: all black, black and tan and variations of grey or greyish yellow. The nose and eyes should compliment the coat colour.

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The Armant is a working dog. It is both fearless and loyal. This breed is naturally energetic and playful and has a deep desire to please their owners. It is a social canine that gets along well with children and other animals including cats. Their agile bodies allow them to quickly herd large animals effectively. The Armant is very bold and is also widely used as a protector or watchdog. They are fearless and alert. Due to the natural instinct to work and be active, this is not a dog that easily get used to a small inside dwelling. It needs room to run and play.

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