Asthma is a condition in which the bronchi, or airways, in the lungs become irritated and inflamed, leading to increased mucus production, breathing difficulties, wheezing, and coughing. Many lifestyle changes can increase the quality of life for asthma sufferers. While most people with asthma do not require a special diet, a healthy diet is beneficial to all.

Some people with asthma do have food allergies, so it is important to discuss potential triggers with your GP. Common food allergens include eggs, fish, cow’s milk, nuts, shellfish, yeast products, food colourings and preservatives. Royal Jelly products also may trigger symptoms in some people, according to the organisation Asthma UK. It is important to eat a well-rounded diet, however, so do not eliminate healthy foods without working with a doctor to determine whether or not you have food allergies.

Research has shown that some foods can improve the function of the lungs, therefore protecting against asthma, according to Asthma UK. A diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is a key to healthy lung function. Vitamins C and E may help reduce the inflammation that happens to the bronchi in people with asthma. A healthy diet also benefits the immune system, reducing the risks of cold and flu, which tend to trigger and worsen asthma.

The National Health Service (NHS) also recommends that people with asthma eat a low fat, high fibre diet that includes plenty of whole grains. Asthma UK encourages people with asthma to drink plenty of water.

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