Austrian Black and Tan Hound – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are considered to be descendants of the Celtic Hounds which are an ancient breed. It is well known for hunting and tracking in high altitudes without a problem or complication. Some of the other names for this hound include: Bracke, Austrian Smooth Haired Hound and Brandlbracke.

As the name suggests the coat colours are only black and tan in combination. The shiny, dense fur is smooth and short while being closely fitted. The agile body is muscular, tone and it has a long cast. The Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are classified as a medium to large sized hound dog.

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound are renowned across the globe as being an efficient hunting dog. But this is not all this particular breed has been used for in the operational capacity. They have also worked along side their human companions doing heavy duties on farms and ranches. They are able to be versatile as far as the terrain they can work with ease, and are comfortable with everything from high mountain ranges to the flat countryside.

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The temperament of the Austrian Black and Tan Hound is very loyal. This hard working canine displays a desire to please as it takes on any task its owner requires. They can be trained if the duties are not something that they are used to. This hound is smart enough to take direction and can easily be trained to perform unfamiliar tasks.

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