Austrian Pinscher – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Austrian Pinscher is a working farm dog that eliminates rats and mice from barns and other structures as well as protecting livestock from predators and thieves. They are a medium sized breed that originated in Austria. Other names for the Austrian Pinscher are Österreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher and the Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher.

This type of working dog is sometimes also utilized as a show dog. However, they are also good house pets. Typically they are happiest when they have specific tasks to perform. They love exercise and it makes them feel superior to other animals when they are in charge. Embracing their role of protector to the owner’s farm animals gives them a sense of purpose and they handle it with diligence and pride.

The physical appearance of the Austrian Pinscher has unique traits that can easily identify this breed. They have button ears atop a pear shaped head. The double coat can be short or medium in length. The coat colours may include: black, tan, yellow and red. White markings are typical in this breed. The tail is high and long.

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The Austrian Pinscher has an assertive personality. They are lively canines that are always alert and focused. These dogs are usually very suspicious of strangers which aids in their instincts to alert their owners to any possible dangers. This breed is very devoted to its family and forms a strong bond with their owners and their loved ones easily. This breed is happiest when it has plenty of area to play/work in.

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