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Avril Lavigne an Ultimate Rock Star

Avril Lavigne, a famous rock star, was born in Ontario, Canada. She quit school after the 11th grade when she got her first record deal. She is well-known for her punk-rock style music and her dark eyeliner. Avril’s fashion style is fun and cool. Her stylishness is exciting and retro. From pink hair to cool clothes, she is setting fun trends.

Avril has a pure hard-rock attitude. Apart from her performances on stage, her hairstyles are supposed to give the impression of a rock star. For the 2007 American Music Awards, Avril modelled a great rocker’s hairstyle. Her bright pink hue matched her simple cut and gave her a look and feel of the ultimate rock star, which got the attention of her fans. The layers of her hair framed her face and gave her an excellent look. This kind of hairstyle is easy to manage with just regular trims. It is great for outdoor events.

At the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2006, Avril’s hairstyle was surprisingly eye-catching. The length was unevenly cut with the sides and top being layered, creating a wavy and full style. This hairstyle is suited for those with medium to thick hair.

Avril Lavigne’s hairstyle has made such an impression among teenagers that many want to imitate her hair in addition to her style of clothing, the way she talks and her rock star attitude. They also want to sing like she does. Not everyone has a straight hair like Avril, but the market is packed with hair straightening solutions and flat irons. Imitating Avril’s hairstyles will surely make a big impression.