Bandog – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Bandog refers to a type of dog in the mastiff breed which is a working dog. The Bandog is also widely known as the Bandogge. They originated in Middle England and were widely used as ferocious guard dogs.

Many people believe this breed of dog to be the ultimate in canine protection and the perfect guard dog. The breeding is selected by the temperament of the specific dog breeds. Strength, protective nature, territorial behaviour, etc. are all traits that a Bandog needs to have in order to create this special and most protective canine. But through the years another quality that has gone into the breeding, in a negative way, is health. There are some health problems that plague the breeds used to create the Bandog. So, while formulating the perfect attributes, health can be a factor.

The Bandog is a strong, bold, muscular dog that looks severely intimidating. The ferocious nature, powerful structure and guarding instincts are all desired traits of this canine. The chest is dominant, the shoulders are wide, the head is broad, and it has a very strong muzzle. Some have said that they are an ugly breed that is designed to frighten people although, of course, beauty is in the eye of the dog owner.

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The personality of the Bandog is highly territorial, brave, and when strangers approach they can be very aggressive. Although they are fierce when provoked they can be very well controlled. Certain obedience or training courses might be needed when the Bandog is a puppy to ensure appropriate behaviour.

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