Beauty Tips for Mothers

Motherhood is the most rewarding period in any woman’s life. However, as time goes by, they tend to lack time for their beauty routine. Here are some simple beauty care tips to help rejuvenate and regain your beauty within a short period of time.

Stretch marks are one of the many problems new mothers suffer from. They can be reduced with the help of moisturisers or skin-soothing lotions that contain zinc or titanium oxide, which are great to treat dry skin and avoid painful itching where the skin stretches. Stretch marks could also be significantly reduced by regular massages with natural oils. The oils should be applied half an hour before taking a bath. Other problems most mothers suffer from are dark pigmentation around the eyes, wrinkles and acne. The dark pigmentation around the eyes could be lightened by placing potato or cucumber slices over the eyes or by placing cotton dipped in rose water on top of the eyes. This could be done while taking a nap. For wrinkles, mothers could do some face lifting exercises. They can also treat acne it by washing their face regularly with raw milk. In addition, eating healthy and oil free food prevents acne and wrinkles. Lastly, developing an exercise habit will get mothers back into shape.

Following these simple tips will not only make new moms look and feel beautiful, other new mothers are also guaranteed to envy them.

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