Becoming a Dog Breeder

There is more to becoming a good dog breeder than the mating of a dog and a bitch. It may seem like dog breeding is simply a matter of making puppies then selling them to make money. This is not responsible dog breeding and you won’t build that all important reputation by breeding dogs purely for money.

When people look into buying a puppy they often need help and advice. As a responsible breeder you should be an expert on your breed and be able to answer or find out the answer to any question that a customer might have regarding your breed. You should also have a genuine enthusiasm for your breed and this will be obvious to anyone when you talk to people about the breed.

You should be prioritising the dog’s health by using quality dog food and vitamin supplements. Taking time to find a good home for your puppies is also the mark of a responsible breeder and you should be finding out if a home will be suitable for your breed.

Your professional reputation will also develop if you are able to provide paperwork including a contact of sale and a health guarantee. Leaflets about caring for the puppy, training techniques, etc will be appreciated by owners. You should also offer help and advice after the sale so that the puppy and the owner have the best chance of settling in together and enjoying a long and happy relationship.