Benefits of Running

People run for different reasons. There are some who run plainly for the enjoyment of running, but there are others who run because they realise that there are many benefits, like improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved bone health, better coordination and improved mood.

Those who are expecting to lose some pounds find running to be one of the most efficient forms of exercise to help them attain their ideal body weight. Running is a brilliant form of exercise for losing weight because it needs a great deal of energy. This energy demand means that the body burns a lot of calories while running. Better cardiovascular health is another benefit of running. It also helps maintain the right blood pressure and helps the arteries to maintain their elasticity. Running is also helpful for slowing the aging process. Those who run consistently are less likely to feel bone and muscle loss when they grow old, compared to those who do not run at all. Their bones grow stronger as a result of running, which is actually a physical demand. Moreover, enhanced body coordination is a benefit of running, particularly from trail running, which is usually done on hiking trails.

Aside from physical benefits, running has also several psychological benefits. Most runners report being more contented and feeling less stressed than those individuals who do not run or exercise at all. This means that a person who regularly runs is not only working out to enhance his or her physical appearance but also the overall performance of the body. In doing this, the risk of stroke and heart attack becomes diminished.

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