Black and White Wedding Cakes

One of the hottest wedding cake trends at the moment is black and white. This probably results from the fact that many people choose black and white as their wedding colours. Here are some black and white wedding cake ideas.

Flowers are known to be a popular option for those who want to choose a wedding cake that is black and white. A white cake with black flowers or a black cake with white flowers can be very attractive. The flowers can be a unique design, or they may come from the wedding dress if the bride has opted for one that has black incorporated into its pattern.

Another option for black and white wedding cakes is graphic design. Polka dots, stripes, and drapes are some of the different types of graphics that you can include into the wedding cake design. Choosing more than one graphic will add a lot of texture to the black and white wedding cake.

For a black and white wedding cake that has three tiers, a good idea would be to make the middle tier a black cake, which can have white designs on it. The first and third tiers should be white with black designs. This makes the cake more eye-catching.

These are a few of the black and white wedding cake ideas. This hot wedding cake trend will always look great, and these two colours can be good fun to work with to produce a creative and unique end result.

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