Black Forest Hound – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Black Forest Hound is also called the Slovakian Hound. Its region of origin is Slovakia. This is a hunting dog breed that hunts large and dangerous game like wild boar. The name “Black Forest” has no real connection to the dog whatsoever.

The breeds that are responsible for the ancestry of the Black Forest Hound are the Austrian Black and Tan Hound, the Hungarian Greyhound and the Chart Polski. It was originally bred for hunting. The traits from the aforementioned dog breeds allowed this canine to have all of the most important hunting skills of each breed. It was not intended for show or companion.

The Black Forest Hound has a lot of the physical characteristics of the typical hound. It is a well-muscled body, the signature drop ears and long legs. The coat is dense, close to the body and is always black and tan in colour. It can be similar in the colour patterning of the American Coonhound.

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The temperament of the Black Forest Hound is very spirited. It is a lively dog that needs a lot of exercise and activity. It is a loyal hunting companion with a deep and honed sense of direction. It is not a canine that adapts readily to small dwellings and limited outdoor activities. As with most hounds, if it is left alone or gets bored, it tends to create its own entertainment. Such entertainment may or may not be destructive. Socialization and training should be implemented while the animal is still young to ensure proper obedience, if needed.

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