Black mold inspection and removal explained

If you spot black mold in your home you will need to take action as soon as possible becauseitis the sign of a serious damp problem. Of course, the damp could be relatively harmless and merely inconvenient, however, it might indicatethat you have a more serious problem.

The appearance of mold can be a worrying development and you may want to get a proper professional assessment before taking appropriate action. Most firms in the business of remedying toxic mold employ specially trained assessors to analyze the cause of the mold in your home and to recommend the best course of action. Normally, the inspectors are paid a fee to do their job, however,sometimes you can visit a firm’s website and submit a preliminary report based on what you can actually see in your home, and any relevant work that may have already been carried out, for example recent plumbing works or any water damage.

Health and safety issues

Pay attention if someone in your home is currently,or has recently been, unwell with a respiratory problem, as thatcanbe an indication that mold spores are damaging your family’s health.Remember thatmold and mildew can be visible, or not, and can also be white as well as black. You can buy specialist products to combat mold and there are also common household products likely to be in your home already that are capable of doing agood job, however, this depends on the extent and nature of the mold problem.

If you decide to opt for an inspection by a professional firm, you will find the professional evaluator may take several samples of mold.These are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. This is to determine what steps will need to be taken to remedy the specific problem in your home.

Remedying the problem

Acting on the scientific information generated by the lab, a number of different methods may be used to deal with the black mold in your home, following the inspection.In the meantime, there are domestic solutions that may help temporarily, including using bleach, vinegar, borax and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) but not all at the same time! You can find plenty of online advice about tackling mold, which is particularly useful if itis a relatively minor problem. It’s important to remove the cause of the damp, however, and not just the visible effects. This may, of course, require some significant changes in your home regarding ventilation, damp proofing, etc.

The professionals tailor their cleaning agents to the type and nature of the mold they have analyzed. In fact, some of these may be similar to the domestic options. In all cases, however, they should be properly equipped and fully trained to handle any potentially hazardous materials. Always ask about the safety of any proposed mold remedies before agreeing to a recommended solution. You will, of course, want to know that your family is fully protected from any side effects of mold remedies and that you are unlikely to face the same or any similar problems in the future after any remedial work is completed.

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