Finding A Reputable Dog Breeder

Typically there are two types of breeders, casual breeders and reputable responsible breeders. Both breeders should use female dogs that are at least 2 years old, to produce litters. Puppies will not be ready to take home until 8 weeks after birth. Breeding can be expensive, especially if there are health issues or complications during the pregnancy.

Casual breeders may have various reasons for breeding but they may not take into account the health of the puppies and the future of the breed. Standard breeding can result in genetic issues which can be passed on to the puppies, causing future health problems, pain, and expensive surgeries. The casual breeder may offer registration papers, but they rarely offer contracts containing spay/neuter policy, health guarantee, or return policy.

The best way to find a reputable breeder is to contact breed organizations or kennel clubs in your area. You may also consider recommendations from veterinarians, groomers, or obedience training schools. Reputable breeders usually have a low margin of profit and will generally take full responsibility for the health of the puppies. They may also have strict criteria for potential buyers.

Responsible breeders will require potential buyers to sign a contract promising to get the puppy spayed or neutered if it is not purchased as a breeder. Spaying or neutering prevents unwanted puppies as well as potential deterioration of the breed. Some breeders may register the puppies before they are sold. The registration may or may not be limited. Limited registration prohibits the registration of future litters from that particular puppy ( HYPERLINK “”

It is important to note that ethical breeders will not breed their dogs every time they are in heat. This is important both for the health of the dog as well as the puppies. Remember that ethical breeders will often times have waiting lists well in advance of a new litter. Make sure to plan ahead of time. The wait is well worth it, as it helps ensure you have a healthy puppy that will fit in with your family.