British Mountaineering Council

The British Mountaineering Council is one of the organisations in the United Kingdom that exists to defend the freedom of, and encourage the interests of mountaineers, hill walkers, climbers and ski mountaineers. Its head office is located in West Didsbury’s Burton Road, a part of Manchester, England.

The council was originally organised in order to promote the interests of mountain climbing associations, and to maintain access for all hill walkers, cliff scalers, and mountaineers who wish to climb in Wales and England. The organisation at present has two categories of membership; first, the individual members, and second, those who are associated with a club that has joined the British Mountaineering Council.

The organisation presently has almost 65,000 members, wherein 40,000 are single associates. Membership benefits are comprised of admission to the British Mountaineering Council travel insurance system, training and technical advice, equipment discounts, insurance on civil liability, and annual issuance of 4 copies of the BMC magazine.

Summit magazine looks to cover topics that interest all hill mountaineers, hill walkers, and climbers. This magazine is issued in the months of February, May, September and November, and is directly sent to all the organisation’s individual members. Individuals who are members of this organisation via an associated club get only one copy which is the February publication. The distribution of this magazine therefore changes from 40,000 for the May, September and November issues up to 65,000 for the November issue. This is regarded as the United Kingdom’s largest and best known climbing magazine. The magazine can be bought at the online shop of the British Mountaineering Council. It is also available in mountain centres all over the United Kingdom.

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