British Ornithologists’ Union

The British Ornithologists’ Union (BOU) was founded by Professor Alfred Newton FRS in 1858. The BOU is the world’s most famous, most appreciated, and the most organised ornithological association with a vast numbers of constituents from all continents. The BOU celebrated its 150th ornithological years in 2008. The British Ornithologists’ Union, as an ornithological organisation, helps the community to biologically understand and be of assistance in the conservation of birds by promoting bird study throughout the world, particularly in Europe and Britain.

The BOU reaches the entire community internationally through the aid of their publicised avian science journal called “Ibis”, which was first published in 1859 and has been continuously so up to now. “Ibis” is a leading journal in ornithology that helps the BOU in realising their purpose. “Ibis” features ornithological issues regarding birds’ way of life around the world, conservation, their territory or the place where they stay, their behaviour, how they increase or populate, and breeding biology. In line with the British Ornithologists Union’s 150th anniversary, Ibis Online, which includes all of the 150 volumes that were published since the journal’s first publication in 1859, was launched. The BOU also assists birdwatchers, other ornithologists and young ornithologists who are interested in their mission by sponsoring ornithological seminars and conferences. The BOU also published books and checklists correlating with their promotion of ornithology. These include the book entitled ‘The New Dictionary of Birds’. Indonesia’s Bird-Life International studies received nearly £50,000 as part of the financial assistance which was given by the BOU in the course of their studies. The BOU also encourages ornithology by publishing books and checklists (such as ‘The New Dictionary of Birds’).

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