Broholmer – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Broholmer, also known as the Danish Broholmer is a molosser breed originating in Denmark. The breed has been in existence since the Middle Ages when it was used as a stag hunter and guard dog. They are a cross between local German canines and English Mastiffs.

This large breed is a primarily used as a guard dog. The loud bark is one of the main reasons for the intimidation factor, besides its large powerful size. The physical appearance of this dog is frightening to an intruder. The dog tends to display a ferocious side to anyone or anything that might pose a threat to their home or family. Their loyalty and bravery is an admirable attribute and the main reason that this dog is well known for it guardian capabilities.

This strong breed is well muscled and very strong. The hair is short and coarse. The colour is typically light in colour such as a golden brown or yellow. Occasionally, the colour can be black or there can be a black mask on the dog. Usually the Broholmer are of a solid colour but a white patch can show up on some dogs.

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The Broholmer is a very friendly dog that is cautious of it surroundings. They do not like strangers, so care should be taken. Training usually is not required as they have an inherent need to protect. However, in certain situations it may be needed. Socialization is important early on to help the breed accept all ages of people in the family as well as other pets.

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