Budget Friendly Wedding Flowers

As any bride can tell you, planning a wedding is stressful! Newlyweds are often short of money as they begin their new life together, creating a huge challenge when planning the event. However, you can still make a big impact with your wedding flowers even when you don’t have a lot to spend. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to do is shop around for a florist that is willing to accommodate your budget requirements. It can be a nightmare if you end up with a consultant who isn’t on the same page as you, so be really up front as to what your needs are. Once you are working together, you can move on to actually choosing the flowers for your big day.

The basic rule for buying wedding flowers on a budget is to keep it simple. This means choosing inexpensive flowers and simple arrangements. The more time it takes the florist to put together your choice, the more the labour cost will be. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Often the simplest bouquets are the most elegant, so this can actually work to your advantage. Your florist will also have a lot of ideas on how to keep the cost down. Finally, you don’t have to place blossoms in every corner of your wedding venue. Leave the good stuff for where they will have the most impact. This can include the bridal party itself, table centrepieces and a few other well placed locations in the chapel or reception hall.

The final thing to consider is how to stretch what you do have. If your nuptials are traditional, you will most likely have a wedding ceremony followed by a reception in a different location. It is perfectly acceptable to use the same flower arrangement in both locations, effectively cutting your costs in half. In fact, most of your guests will not even notice.

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