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Can I use Facebook to find someones phone number?

There are a variety of ways to find someone’s number using the internet. Whether you want to indulge in using a premium site or a free site, there are ways to find someone’s number. But what about everyone’s favorite social media site, Facebook? Well, strangely enough it is possible to use Facebook to find someone’s number. But the answer is not as simple as you might think.

Privacy settings

Facebook have made a huge number of changes to the way that they run their privacy settings over the last few years. In fact, at one point they changed them so regularly that some people got caught out and had open profiles after having completely secure ones not long before. The changes to the Facebook privacy settings can make it easier or more difficult to find someone’s number, depending on what they do to them. It also depends on what each person has their profile set to.

If the person who you are trying to find has a completely open profile, or you are friends with them and they have moderate privacy settings, then it is a simple task to find their number. Just look in the about section and their number will be there sitting and waiting for you to find it. However, if they have their security settings high and you are not friends with them then it will be an impossible task to find someone’s number.

Not always reliable

The other thing to remember is that not everyone has their phone number on their Facebook account. If they do not have their phone number on there then even with the most open settings in the world, you will not be able to find someone’s number. In this case you would have to go down another route, possibly searching on a directory site or maybe a premium site where you pay to find someone’s number. But, if the number is not on Facebook you have no chance of getting it.

This means that Facebook does have a possibility of allowing you to find someone’s number, but at the same time it is not a guarantee. If they have their security settings high or if they do not even have the number on there at all, then you will have no chance of finding the number and will have to look elsewhere.