Cao da Serra de Aires – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Cao da Serra de Aires is herding dog that originated in Portugal. They are also called the Portuguese Sheepdog. This breed is commonly referred to as a monkey dog due to its furry face and energetic attitude.

This is a medium-size dog with a long tail and long coat. This particular canine does not have a double coat. It is a single layer that is thick and coarse. Due to the single coat aspect, this specific dog can not resist extreme weather as so many other dogs can. Coat colours of the Cao da Serra de Aires tend to include grey, yellow, fawn and black. Tan marks can be present on this canine but white patches are not found on this particular breed.

There are many wonderful traits to this dog, but perhaps one the best benefits listed is that they, unlike many other breeds, have no known health problems. They are not a high risk for typical canine health issues or diseases. Also, because of their coat, they are very easy to groom, making them very low maintenance dogs.

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The temperament of this breed is energetic and lively. They enjoy entertaining their owners and acting bouncy. They desire to make their owners happy. The Cao da Serra de Aires can be content as a companion and pet just as well as a working dog. They do require a lot of love and affection, not to mention exercise and activities to release some of that lively behaviour.

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