Carbohydrate and Fat Blockers

Theoretically, carbohydrate and fat blockers are medications you can take that inhibit the body’s natural ability or tendency to transform ingested carbohydrates into glucose and inhibit the transformation of glucose into adipose tissue, or fat. There have been several different brands claiming to be the next best thing in weight loss history, but all of them have proven to have no more than a placebo effect. Scientists tried so hard to find some new compound that would help us lose weight without us having to do anything, but what one must always do before swiping that credit card or laying down those hard earned pounds is this: read the fine print.

Even on commercials for these so-called revolutionary products that don’t ask you to change your daily lives, they have a little disclaimer at the bottom that if you look really closely says that “results aren’t typical” and essentially that diet and exercise are highly encouraged for their product to work. What this says to me is that the pill isn’t anything more than compressed grass. It’s purely psychological, there’s nothing going on inside your body that wasn’t going on before you started taking this pill, you just started to believe that you were going to lose weight. Because you started to believe you would lose weight, you subconsciously start eating less and healthier, and increase your physical activity. The only side effects for this placebo is the rare occasion where the person ingesting it happens to be allergic to one of the ingredients, or chokes on the pill as it goes down, because all these so-called wonder pills are the same size as medication the vet gives you to feed to your horse.