Career Choices – Administrator

An administrator performs many roles in an office environment. However, all of these roles involve things like typing, filing, photocopying and taking minutes at meetings. This is becoming an increasingly popular apprentice role, with many companies prepared to take on a school leaver and train them on the job. This is especially the case where you can be part of a team of administrators, as you will get a lot of support from more senior workers.

You will need to have a good level of English, and a definite ability to think for yourself and learn new things quickly. Typing is also an excellent skill to develop, and some schools will offer ‘CLAIT’ as a vocation option at GCSE, so you may be lucky and find that your school does.

There are some programmes, even games, on the internet that will help you get better at typing. So if you want to learn in your own time it will help you in the future. Things like photocopying can be learnt on the job as this is fairly straightforward, and filing tends to be something that will be slightly different wherever you go, so again can be learnt on the job.

Expect to have to dress in smart office type clothes: a skirt, low heels and blouse for girls, and trousers, shirts and a tie for the boys. It is a good job for those who prefer the 9-5 of weekday working, although some offices may require you to work on Saturdays also.

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