Career Choices – Army

Joining the Army is a popular career choice for many young people, as they feel they will be offered security, a good job and good pay. This is certainly the case, so it is worth looking into. However, you will have to meet their entry requirements before you can join.

It is worth looking into the ‘Public Service’ courses offered when you leave school. Some schools now offer these in vocational training in place of GCSEs for those who find education difficult. So you may be lucky and find that this is on offer at your school. If not you may have a local Army cadet group who participate in basic training, making preparations that will be useful for real service.

The basic training is likely to be tough. You will need to prepare yourself for this, as it can be both physically and mentally challenging. Keeping your fitness levels up and taking a public service type course first can help you prepare for this, so it won’t come as such a huge shock.

Whether you want to become an army nurse, engineer, cook or fit into one of the other roles on offer it is worth reading up on the role of your choice. Looking on the Army website or attending an Army day at various public events and having a chat with people who are already serving may help you to make up your mind as to whether this really is a career for you.

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