Career Choices – Navy

The Navy is the sea-based branch of the armed services, and they use warships and submarines as their weapons in times of war. The Navy has many different career choices for both men and women, and it provides good benefits in terms of pay and training for those working for them.

If you are interested in the Navy as a potential career choice it may be worth looking to see if there is a local Sea Cadet Corps in your area. This is a voluntary youth organisation who are affiliated to the Navy, and normally have retired or ex-Navy instructors running the corps.

This will give you a chance to experience some of the things that are key to being a serving member in the Navy, so you will get an insight into whether this is for you. Like most forces, entry requirements vary in terms of education depending upon which job you fancy applying for. However, there are roles for those who find education hard, and at the opposite end are degree level entry places for those who enjoy the formal education process.

You will need to be physically fit, so it is worth taking up a sport or running regularly. There are many fitness tests, and the training itself is very active. You will have to wait to apply until you reach their minimum age requirement, and you will need to have a general standard of health and not have any underlying serious medical conditions.

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