Celebrities Who Died From Smoking Related Causes

There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking. The biggest reason is that smoking leads to the death of many. Numerous celebrities, musicians, authors, and radio personalities have died due to their smoking habits. These are a few well known people that have died as a result of smoking related cancers.
T. S. Elliot died from emphysema caused by his seemingly light cigarette habit. The author was believed to smoke less than one pack of cigarettes per day.
R. J. Reynolds and R. J. Reynolds III both died of smoking induced emphysema at age 58. R. J. Reynolds was the founder of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company.
Lung Cancer
Desi Arnaz, star of I Love Lucy, died of lung cancer in 1986. He reportedly smoked two packs per day.
Famed entertainer, Ed Sullivan, died in 1974 of lung cancer.
Walt Disney died of lung cancer. He died following an operation to remove a tumour.
Lloyd Haynes, famed General Hospital actor, died of lung cancer. It has been said that he would smoke between every take while taping the soap opera.
Wayne McLaren died from lung cancer in 1992. He was one of the original Marlboro men.
Other Cancers
Babe Ruth died of oral cancer in 1948. While he was not a chain smoker, the habit was the only contributing factor to his cancer.
Amanda Blake, who portrayed Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke, died at age 60 of throat cancer. She smoked about two packs of cigarettes per day.
Humphrey Bogart died from cancer of the oesophagus at age 57.

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