Celebrity Wedding Cakes

It is always interesting to see what celebrities have at their weddings. Although celebrity weddings are often extravagant, they can be great inspiration. Here are some examples of recent celebrity wedding cakes.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey chose to have a red velvet chocolate cake at their wedding. The wedding cake was decorated with handmade drapes and beautiful sugar paste flowers. The tiers were hexagonal shaped.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Fredde Prinze Jr. had a vanilla wedding cake. The flavour of both the icing and cake was vanilla. The wedding cake was also decorated with pink and red fresh roses.

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson chose a beautiful three tier pistachio cake. The couple opted for purple flowers instead of the gold ones they had originally picked out. 

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis chose a wedding cake that had a box theme. The design made it appear as though the tiers of the wedding cake were decorative boxes from Tiffany’s that were stacked on top of one another. The wedding cake was light blue in colour. This is a very popular wedding cake design, which can be applied to a variety of themes, such as famous shoe designers’ names on the boxes. 

When selecting a wedding cake design, it is a good idea to consider what the celebrities have chosen. Taking a magazine clipping of celebrity wedding cake to a wedding cake designer, would help ensure that the cake is a true replica, but of course personalised for the individual bride and groom.

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