Challenge Walks in UK

In United Kingdom, walking has become part of the daily activities of people from different statures. Challenge walks are among the various events organised in United Kingdom, in which hundred of participants gather together for strenuous walks.

Challenge walks have fixed routes, time limit, and are marshalled. It could be 40-mile route, or longer during the months of in May and June, which has longer daylight hours. The challenging part comes from the time limit and the nature of the route (amount of accent/decent, terrain, distance, the need to carefully study the set of written instructions). During each event, marshal men are stationed in different checkpoints along the route in order to provide refreshments, record the time each participant arrives or starts, and look after the participants who cannot continue the challenge.

Many challenge walks are held to raise funds for the different clubs that organise these events. The National Three Peaks Challenge in Yorkshire is one of the well-known challenge walks in United Kingdom. It is a mountain survival challenge in which each participant attempts to climb the highest summits of each of the island’s three countries: Ben Nevis, Snowden and Scafell Pike within 24 hours. Another popular challenge walk is the Lyke Wake Walk, which was started in 1955 by Bill Cowley, a local farmer in the North Riding of Yorkshire, England. This is a forty mile challenge in which participants must traverse North Yorkshire Moors towards the shore of Ravenscar beginning from Scarth Wood Moor, Osmotherley within a period of 24 hours.

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