Choosing a mermaid style wedding gown

A mermaid style gown is a fitted gown from the chest down to the knee with a flared hem. This type of dress creates a very sexy and sassy look and if you are curvaceous then this dress would be perfect. However, only choose this style of gown if you are comfortable and confident that you can pull it off, as it is a daring and dramatic style.
A mermaid style dress can be designed with just about any type of neckline and sleeve length and can cover or reveal as much of your skin as you want – the choice is yours. If you want an elegant look but not too revealing then choose a design with a high neck and full length sleeves. If you want a bolder, sexier look then opt for a design that has a strapless neckline or a halter with a plunging deep v-neck.
A mermaid style gown can have various skirt styles – flared above the knee, at the knee or even below the knee to create different looks. As well as the skirt style the shape of the hem and skirt also affects how the finished gown will look. For example if the skirt is round then volume will be provided all the way around. Depending on the fabric the dress is made from, the gown can either be slinky or structured. Choose lightweight fabrics such as satin and silk if you want a dress that will hug your curves. If it is the dress you want to show off then opt for a dress made of stiffer fabric like brocade. Whichever fabric you choose one thing is for certain, the mermaid style dress provides sophistication and sex appeal.

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