Choosing Icing for Your Wedding Cake

When choosing a wedding cake, one of the decisions to be made is the type of icing for the cake. There are many different types of icing available to choose from, but the two most popular are fondant and butter cream. Here are some tips on how to select the type of icing that is most suited to any particular design of wedding cake.

Fondant icing is a very popular choice for those who want an intricately designed wedding cake. It has a much smoother appearance, which makes it ideal for very modern designs. Some people do not like the flavour of fondant, as it is very sweet and a lot like a marshmallow. Fondant icing will also increase the price of the wedding cake.

Butter cream icing is another choice that is very popular. It is also sweet in flavour, but has a creamy texture. Many couples prefer this type of icing for their wedding cake because it is something that they are often familiar with. It is the kind of icing you find on most types of cakes. 

However, the type of icing does not have to be limited to just fondant or butter cream icing. Traditionally royal icing was used for wedding cakes, which is a stiffer consistency than fondant. For something a little different, a whipped cream covering for the cake is an option; for those who do not care for icing that is too sweet in flavour.

When choosing icing for a wedding cake, it is always a good idea to taste a few samples before making a final decision.

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