Choosing the right bridal jewellery

Once the wedding gown is chosen the next thing to choose is the jewellery for your big day. You don’t have to choose the most extravagant jewellery, even the simplest of jewellery can look the part. Only choose your bridal jewellery once you have chosen the dress you are going to wear. You cannot choose a dress around jewellery. Finding the right dress is hard enough without having extra stress of finding a dress to match already bought jewellery.

Look at all the detail on the dress such as any beadwork and embroidery and when you are selecting jewellery make sure you match it with these elements of the dress. If your gown is extravagant and has pearls or crystal detail on it then the jewellery you find should ideally match this. Secondly look at the fabric your gown is made of as well as the colour and style. If your dress is plain then choosing something simple but elegant will suit the outfit best.

Another important factor to consider when choosing bridal jewellery is the neckline of the dress itself. For a gown that has a v-neck neckline then the most appropriate choice of jewellery would be a pendant style necklace. For a simple round neckline then the preferred choice would be a choker or plain delicate necklace. If your gown has a square neckline then almost any type of necklace would suit.

Once you have chosen your jewellery, if you have bridesmaids then it is also important to ensure that their jewellery matches yours.

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