Common causes of hair loss in women

Hair loss is not usually anything to be afraid of, or worried about. It is estimated that adults lose, on average, 80 hairs per day, which are consistently replenished with new, healthy locks. The chances are most people don’t even notice that they are losing hairs, so insignificant is this loss. Concern may arise when a person is losing noticeably more than 80 hairs, or if their hair is growing back weakened or damaged – or not at all. There are multiple reasons why a woman may begin to lose her hair. While some of those may be relatively easy to treat, or even cure others could indicate a more serious health concern.

Treatments and styling
Perhaps one of the most causes of hair loss in women is over-styling, and damage caused by chemical treatments and overexposure to heat. Repeated use of hair dye, styling products, heat treatments and chemicals is known to weaken hairs’ integrity and damage the scalp over time.

Hormone imbalance
Hormone imbalance is another relatively common cause of hair loss in women. Pregnancy often causes an influx of different hormones, which can leave hair looking thick and lustrous. Childbirth, and the resulting chemical changes will result in this hair falling out over time. Hormone disorders such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and the menopause have been known to cause hair loss in women, too.

A medical reason
There are numerous medical reasons why a woman may experience hair loss, including anaemia, iron deficiency, a vitamin B or D deficiency, lupus, diabetes, or a scalp or skin condition. Some medications, such as those for blood pressure, arthritis, depression and cancer are also known to cause hair loss.

An emotional response
Stress, anxiety and depression have been known to trigger hair loss. Emotional distress can weaken the immune system, and displace certain chemicals and hormones in a woman’s body. The resulting hair loss can be an even greater source of upset, although it is usually completely treatable.

While many men come to expect hair thinning and loss as they age, or even sooner the same symptoms can be greatly distressing for women. Some of the common causes of hair loss in women can be explained, and treated relatively easily, although other may require a thorough medical examination. Men and women who are concerned about hair thinning and loss should seek advice at their earliest convenience.

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