How to Write Personal Narrative Essay

A personal narrative essay is a unique form of non-fiction. Unlike other types of literature, writing a personal narrative essay does not require formal topics. A writer has the freedom to decide what subject he wants to tackle. One can write about his own life story and other things that interest him. Topics such as personal life and experiences can be used as themes for this kind of essay. The writer has endless options of topics to write about.

Every person has his own experiences and stories to write. However, the most common problem people encounter is how to begin their write-up properly. There are some simple steps to follow in writing a personal narrative essay.

First, write “I” on a piece of paper and start noting those specific events that happened in your story. Just continue writing down all the events in your life that you want to write about. Upon finishing your story, start structuring and rewriting the sentences in the best way that suits your ideas. Continue reviewing and rewriting. Get some opinions from a reader, then rewrite again. Rejoice after your work is done!

Initially, you might not know why you are writing these articles, but as soon as you have established your thoughts, the ideas will become clearer and you can even find meaning behind your experiences.

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