Croatian Sheepdog – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Croatian Sheepdog is a herding canine that originated in Croatia. This breed needs human leadership and direction. Throughout history this dog breed has been able to enhance its herding skills and watchdog capabilities. It lives by its natural instincts and is cautious of strangers.

This agile and energetic canine has a few distinguishing characteristics. The Croatian Sheepdog is a medium sized dog. If the tail is not docked and is in its natural state it tends to curl over the dog’s back. The fur coat on the Croatian Sheepdog is always black in colour. However markings might occur in this breed and is confined to the chest or feet. The markings are often white in colour. The thick coat is naturally waterproof and weather resistant.

The temperament of the Croatian Sheepdog is desirable. They are alert and devoted, they form strong bonds with their owners and work had to please them. They can do well with training and are smart enough to pick up demands from the human companion.

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The Croatian Sheepdog is a great worker and companion. A few of the beneficial attributes are the fact that this dog is very low maintenance. It doesn’t require special grooming, it is a resilient canine so it is not prone to health problems or disease, and it is happy to take orders from the owner. They do need plenty of exercise so a large yard or acreage is the best but it can adapt to a smaller home if the dog is exercised daily.

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