Death at a Funeral

Although the name of the movie sounds dark and grim, it’s not all that bad. I was expecting something spookier but was happily surprised to find that the film is quite light and not a bad way to pass your evening.

The opening scene of the film is pretty gloomy with the death of a father and the gathering of the family members. The role of the central character, Daniel is played by Mathew Mac Fadyen who delivers a decent performance.

The family is together in the family home to take part in the funeral ceremony. Director Frank Oz has managed quite well to set a background that exudes a funeral feel and the acting crew looks pretty convincing with their grave expressions.

The scene is set in a British country house with modern amenities. What follows is a series of interesting events in the funeral that make up the central plot of the movie. The action begins when one of the family members accidentally consumes some LSD.

I was also surprised with the humour element in the movie. The events that unfold in the funeral make for some funny moments. The director has also worked brilliantly on the character development, and each character seems to come out richer and better through their experiences in the funeral.

The movie definitely presents a realistic picture of human behaviour during times of grief and death. When I was watching it, I felt like it could happen to any family in any part of the world. Director Frank Oz has certainly done some good work here. Watch it over a weekend with friends or family.